Insurance Claims Portal

Provide Claimants with the status of their claim and take actions to complete their reimbursement.


EIS Group



App Type

B2B2C Consumer Application


Spring 2021


Lead Designer


Responsive Web Design
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User Research
Product Design
Design System


Preview of a Tokio Marine themed portalPreview of a Toggle themed portalPreview of an EIS themed portal


In spring of 2021, EIS Group (formerly Metromile Enterprise) sought to launch a new insurance claims portal application that we could sell to new clients and expand with existing customers.


Over the course of several weeks, we designed a Insurance Claims Portal product. This new product manages the lifecycle of a claim and provides claimants and third-parties self-service tools so they are able to complete any open tasks on their own without the need of a representative.


We went live with Toggle Renter's Insurance in 2021 and in development for Tokio Marine.

My Role

I was the Design Lead responsible for the product design and user experience. Additionally, I conducted customer research, ran usability tests, and facilitated feedback sessions with existing and prospective customers.

Business Problems

Our Target Buyers are the Claims Organizations in Insurance Carriers. These organizations experience the following problems when trying to close claims for their policy holders.

  • Manually Managing Claims

    Incoming emails, phone calls, and conversations with claimants increases overall payout costs.

  • Long Case Duration

    Constant back and forth with claimants creates more admin work for the claims organization

  • Poor NPS

    When claimants can't get the information they want or need fast enough, it creates a poor customer experience


As this is a B2B2C consumer application, the buyers were not considered users of the product. In reality, are two main types of "end users" for this application.

Avatar of a claimant
Avatar of a 3rd party

User Problems

When speaking with our customers and the policy holders we had access to at Metromile, the following themes arose across all users.

  • Understanding claim status

    Users have a hard time understanding what the claim filing process entails and the current status of each claim.

  • Manually Managing Claims

    Users want to see vey clearly and specifically what tasks they need to do so they can feel confident they’ve done anything they can.

  • Manually Managing Claims

    Users don’t want to have to worry about their claim unless they need to perform an action that helps them close their claim quicker.





Link to Figma prototype
We went live with Toggle Renter's Insurance in 2021 and in development for Tokio Marine. Both instances require login credentials, however you can access a prototype here.