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Policy Enrollment Experience

Provide prospective customers with policy quotes and enable them to easily sign up for a new policy.





App Type

B2B2C Consumer Application


Fall 2021


Lead Designer


Responsive Web Design
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User Research
Product Design
Design System


Preview of a fellowship-branded formPreview of a chewy-branded form
A preview of a walmart-branded form


In fall of 2021, Metromile Enterprise created a new product to sell to property & casualty insurance carriers, alongside our existing form products and fraud detection software.


Over the course of several weeks, we designed a Policy Enrollment Experience. This new product is a turn-key, whitelabeled form experience that allows our customers to sell policies online through a branded, responsive end-user experience. Our flagship demo was a fake Pet Insurance company called, Fellowship Insurance.


Product development was put on hold following the announcement of Lemonade acquiring Metromile.

My Role

I was the Design Lead responsible for the product design and user experience. Additionally, I conducted customer research and facilitated feedback sessions with existing and prospective customers.

Business Problems

Our Target Buyers are the Policy Organizations in Insurance Carriers. These organizations are faced with the following challenges for meeting their business objectives.

  • Mobile First

    Our customer's customers expect a world-class, mobile-first, digital sign-up experience.

  • Price Shopping

    Getting and price shopping has become an industy norm and part of the consumer shopping experience.

  • Limited Attention Span

    Policy Organizations have a limited amount of time to get as much information across as needed.


As this is a B2B2C consumer application, the buyers are not what we considered users of the product. In reality, there is one main "end user".

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User Problems

When speaking with our customers and prospects to understand their end users pain points, the following themes emerged.

  • Understanding Insurance Language

    Although there are millions of policy holders, many find the language of the insurance industry hard to understand.

  • Seeing what is or isn't covered

    Users want to know exactly what is being left on the table if they decide to go with a cheaper policy alternative.

  • Too many or too little choices

    Users want to be able to customize their options, but don’t want to have too many choices that it is overwhelming.




Link to Figma prototype for policy enrollment
Product development was put on hold following the announcement of Lemonade acquiring Metromile. However, the prototype we tested and sold can be seen here.