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A little more about me...

I’ve been with Funding Circle since early 2018, where I’ve been designing enterprise tools for our global accounting and payments team. I’ve also worked on investor facing products, owning the onboarding experience for our US investors.

Before that, I was a solo designer running design sprints for Government Agencies and Fortune 500 companies at BMNT. Prior to my consulting life, I was doing a variety of contracting gigs for startups in the Bay Area (check my Linkedin for a list).

I’m a former Division I and Professional basketball player, former health club manager, former tech sales guy, turned designer.

I’m passionate about changing the way the world treats mental health. I love to run, bike, and hike. I’m in the process of learning how to surf, rock climb, and do Krav Maga. And I’m dangerously bad at mountain biking, kiteboarding, and snowboarding.

Through my personal and professional journey, I’ve discovered my enjoyment for understanding what drives people and what they’re trying to solve by using a product.

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